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Arbi ke patte, Aloo che paan : 04-05 Pc

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There are rich in several important micronutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, folate, and calcium, as well as disease-fighting antioxidants. Their high fiber and low calorie content make them an excellent food for boosting heart health and promoting overall well-being.
Taro leaves are medium to large in size and broad and heart-shaped, averaging up to forty centimeters in length and twenty centimeters in width. The leaves are dark green and smooth on the surface and light green on the underside. The underside of the leaves also has veins that branch out from the central stem. Both the veins and stem will have a purple to red hue and are often variegated. Taro plants are predominately known for their starchy, brown, underground tubers. When cooked, the leaves are tender and have a mild, nutty flavor with a slightly metallic, iron taste.”

Bundle – 10 leaves

Available Quantity: 10

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